Rain Rain, come in Bengal,

And please forgive us all.

Rain, Rain where are you facing problem-

Is it the road through which you come?

You like the road full of trees, weeds,

But we all never throw the seeds,

Rather we cut the existing trees.

But this happens in cities.

Then why don’t you come to villages?

Waiting for long time – poor farmers!

Will you be able to tolerate,

When there will be no rice to eat,

No money in the pocket of farmers?

Will it be justice?

They are trying hard for earning,

But they are much dependent on your arriving.

Hope, you will listen to them,

Hope, very soon, You will come.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Published by

Tanusri sen

Love to imagine. Love spirituality.Imaginative writer -I am

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