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Personal Information

Born: 23rd January, 1897 in Cuttack, Orissa.

Mother: Prabhavati Bose

Father: Janakinath Bose

Siblings: 14 numbers, Netaji was 9th in his family.


Ravenshaw Collegiate School: till the Matriculation examination in 1913

Presidency College: After Matriculation

Scottish Church College at the University of Calcutta: Passed B.A in 1918 in Philosophy

ICS Examination: Ranked fourth in 19th Novemeber, 1919.

Resigned Indian Civil Service(ICS): In 1921

Love Life:

 In 1934, Bose met with Emilie Schenkle in Germany.

Got married in 1937

Their daughter is :Anita Bose Pfaff


President of All India Youth Congress

Secretary of Bengal State Congress

Editor of the Newspaper- “Forward”.

CEO of Calcutta Municiple Corporation

Mayor of Calcutta in 1924

Organiser of Indian National Congress (INC) in Calcutta

The author of the book –“ The Indian Struggle” (In this book India’s journey towards independence in the years 1920 to 1934 has been explained. The book was published in London in 1935. The British Government banned this book).

In 1938, he became the leader of National Stature and agreed to accept to become Congress President.

Mohondas Gandhi splitted the INC Party.

On 22nd June, in 1939 He formed “All India Forward Block”.

He was thrown in jail by the British, but was released following a seven-day hunger strike. Bose’s house in Calcutta was kept under surveillance by the CID

Bose escaped from under British surveillance from his Elgin Road house in Calcutta on the night of 17 January 1941, accompanied by his nephew Sisir Kumar Bose.


It was not Gandhiji, rather it was Netaji  Subhas Chandra Bose to whom British got scared.

He formed  INA to fight against British.

Popular dialogue by Bose : “Give me blood, I shall give you freedom”.

Death Mystery

There are three numbers commette formed to investigate the death mystery of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose :

Shah Nawaz Committee 1956: It concluded that Bose died in a plane crash in Taiwan on 18 August 1945

Khosla Commission 1970: The single investigator was G. D. Khosla, a retired chief justice of the Punjab High Court. This commission also concluded that Bose died in a plane crash.

Mukherjee Commission 2005: Mukherjee commission investigated about the death of Bose in 2005 and concluded that Bose is dead but he did not die in a plane crash.

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How to remove fear from Mathematics

Maximum students get fear of Mathematics. Students often say that they hate Mathematics.

Here are the eight ways how to remove fear from Mathematics:

1. Observe the kids: Parents should observe their kids and should know how the tutors/school – teachers teach a topic. Parents will be surprised when they will come to know that maximum teachers tell their students to remember the formulas and to apply it. Many teachers don’t explain how the formulas have been created.

2. Know the Origin of Formulas: Students should know the origin of all formulas. If they know the origin of all formulas, they can remember the formulas easily. When a student solves a problem like-convert Km/hr to m/sec, some teachers tell them to multiply the figure with 5/18 and tell them to remember. Teachers don’t explain why it is 5/18. Like this, there are numerous numbers of formulas students have to remember.

3. Stop feeding the students: If the student does mistake in a numerical problem, teachers tell them the final answer and in which step mistake is there. Teachers should not say the steps where the kids have done mistakes. Teachers should say whether it is right or wrong. Then tell the students to find out their mistakes by themselves. Even, parents also should follow this while teaching their kids.

4. Remove tension: With tension, no work can be performed successfully.

5. Practice much: There is no substitute for hard work. Students should practice as much as possible.

6. Encourage Kids: Parents should always encourage students so that their kids can perform well and one day they will be the best performer if they practice hard.

7. Joint Study: At least two students from the same class should do practice works together. When they study together, they get interest and understand easily.

8. Ask Why: Students should not feel shy. Students should ask whenever they can’t understand the formula. Know “why” before what.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

MCQ on Carbon and its Compounds

Q1. From which word the ‘Carbon’ is derived. What does it mean?

Ans: Latin word- Carbo. Meaning is Coal.

Q2. What are the chemical symbols of Marble, Washing Soda and Baking Soda?

Ans: CaCO3 ; NA2CO3, 10H2O;NaHCO3

Q3. Name a mixture of Carbon Compounds found in a liquid state.

Ans: Petroleum

Q4. What is Catenation?

Ans: Carbon atom possesses a unique property to link other atoms to form a very long chain of different sizes. This property is called Catenation.

Q5. What is Allotropy?

Ans: It is a property due to which an element exists in two or more forms with same chemical properties but with different physical properties.

Q6. What are the different forms of Allotropes of Carbon?

Ans: Crystalline forms, Non Crystalline form or Amorphous form.

Q7. Give some examples of Crystalline forms of carbon?

Ans: Graphite, Diamond and Buckminster-fullerene

Q8. At which temperature the mixture of coke and sand is heated to get graphite?

Ans: 3000 degree C.

Q9. Why the graphite is soft and slippery?

Ans: There are hexagonal groupings of carbon atoms arranged in layers – one on top of the other. These layers are held together by weak forces such that they can slide over one another. This is the reason the reason why Graphite is soft and slippery.

Q10. What is the Melting point of Graphite?

Ans: 3700 degree C.

Q11. The weight of Diamond is expressed in which unit?

Ans: Carats

Q12. 1 carat =____gm?

Ans: 0.2 gm

Q13. Which natural substance has highest refractive refractive index? What is the maximum value?

Ans: Diamond. Max Value is 2.5

Q14. Which is good conductor of electricity– Diamond or Graphite?

Ans: Graphite

Q15. What is the number of carbon atoms in Fullerene?

Ans: 30-900.

Q16. How does the structure of carbon atoms look in Fullerene?

Ans: Cage.

Q17. How many carbon atoms are there in Buckminster Fullerene?

Ans: 60

Q18. What is Amorphous form of Carbon?

Ans: The form of Carbon which has no particular shape or structure.

Q19. What is Carbonization?

Ans: Under high pressure and temperature, the decayed vegetable matters turned into coal through the various steps in the absence of air. Thus, the amount of carbon is increased in those substances. This process is called Carbonization.

Q20. What are the name of different types of coals?

Ans: Peat, Lignite, Bituminous and Anthracite.

Q21. Which coal have maximum amount of Carbon?

Ans: Anthracite. Carbon content is 92-98%

Q22. Coke is a/an____form of Carbon.

Ans: Amorphous or Non crystalline.

Q23. Coke is good/bad conductor of heat and electricity.

Ans: Bad.

Q24. What is chemical symbol of Water Gas and Producer Gas?

Ans: CO+H2 and CO+N2

Q25. What is the full form of CNG?

Ans: Compressed Natural Gas.

Q26. Which gas causes green house effect?

Ans: Carbon dioxide.

Q27. Most common variety of coal is___

Ans: Bituminous

Q28. Good reducing agents are____ and___ which are form of carbon.

Ans: Coke and Charcoal

Q29. Hardest naturally occurring substance is___?

Ans: Diamond

Q30. How much %of carbon dioxide is present in air of the total volume of the atmosphere?

Ans: 0.04%


Stay blessed! Stay updated.

MCQ on Our Honorable PM – Mr.Narendra Modi

Q1. In which year Mr.Narendra Modi has been selected as Prime Minister?

Ans: 2014

Q2. What is the full name of Mr. Narendra Modi?

Ans: Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Q3. For which state Mr.N.Modi was chief minister?

Ans: Gujrat

Q4. What ordinal number is attached to the prime minister of Mr. Narendra Modi ?

Ans: 14th

Q5. To whom the 2018 Seol peace prize was awarded ?

Ans: Mr. Narendra Modi

Q6. In which Social Media, Mr. Narendra Modi have maximum numbers of followers?

Ans: Instagram

Q7. Who won “Russia highest state decoration award-order of St.. Andrew the Apostle”  in 2019?

Ans:Mr.Narendra Modi

Q8. Who won highest civilian award order of Zayed in 2019?

Ans:Mr.Narendra Modi

Q9. Who is honored with the prestigious” Global Goal keeper” award by the ‘Bill and Melinda Gates‘?

Ans: Mr. Narendra Modi

Q10. Who won the “Order of Abdulaziz Al Saud Award”  by the Saudi Arabia?

Ans: Mr. Narendra Modi on 3rd April in 2016.

Q11.  Who won “Champions of the Earth Award” in 2018?

Ans: Mr Narendra Modi.

15 Reasons why your kid should join Cuemath

Cuemath is a learning program of Mathematics from class kg to class seven(Offline, managed by online) and class eight to class ten (Completely online). Cuemath is such a program where your kids can clear the basic concepts of mathematics and gradually kids will start falling in love with Mathematics.

Here are the 15 reasons why your kids should enroll in Cuemath:

1. Quality of Worksheets: Worksheets are excellent. Worksheets that kids will solve at the beginning of any chapter are built up based on basic concepts. Gradually, worksheets become hard.2. School Syllabus: The school syllabus is fully covered. You may not find the exact title of all the chapters, but while solving the worksheets, you will come to know how tactfully all the chapters are covered.

3. The number of worksheets and Math box: There are many workbooks. The number of workbooks is equal to the number of chapters of the school syllabus. In each workbook, there are one-two modules. In each module, there are 12-16 numbers worksheets. Now, you can calculate the total number of worksheets. The number of worksheets is huge.

4. Math Gym: There are so many facilities like Math Gym by which your kids can enhance their speed of calculations.

5. Tab Facility: during one hour class your kids will solve the different types of puzzles by which aptitude skill will be enhanced.

6. Puzzle Cards: There is a total of 500 puzzle cards. During one hour of class, 5 minutes discussion is held regarding the puzzle card. It is given to kids for solving at home. This enhances the reasoning skill of kids.

7. Cuemath certified teacher: There will be 3 hours class per week which will be taken by Cuemath certified teachers. They will guide your kids.

8. Cue the answers: Cuemath is such an excellent math program where teachers guide you and show you the path, your kid should follow for solving the numerical. Many home tutors either solve the problems or telling your kids to check with the answers. If the answers don’t match, they don’t explain the steps.

9. Olympiad Prepack: your kids will get free online Olympiad pre-pack where few test papers are there for practices and few mock tests are there. It is completely online.

10. Real Investment: Many home tutors teach kids like school teachers. One day, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you may find that keeping a tutor for two-three years with high fees has become worthless as your kid can’t able to explain you the reason behind the procedure of the numerical. In Cuemath, after two years, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you will find that he/she would have explained every step with a proper explanation for every numerical. So, if you spend on cuemath, your kid will gain a concept which is an investment for you as Mathematics is a life skill.

11. Fall in love with Mathematics: Kids will surely fall in love in Mathematics which you will come to know after six months from the date of first-class.

12. Batch size is small: In school even in some coaching classes, you will find 30-40 students in a class. So Teacher and student ratio is 30:1 whereas in Cuemath, the maximum ratio is 6:1.
13. Flexibility: If your kid is performing excellent and he belongs to class four, then Cuemath provides him worksheets for class five and making him advanced. Similarly, if he can’t perform well, Cuemath will provide worksheets for class three. So, this math program is very much flexible.

14. Highly focused: It is such a math program whose motto is to enhance the concept, aptitude skills, and reasoning skill. For achieving these parameters, it will help your kid as much as possible.

15. Availability: It is available in all cities, all areas. You may find cuemath teacher in your area only. So your kid has not to do the journey. You may get the cuemath center in walking distance. It is growing rapidly. Very soon, it will cover rural areas too. Moreover, cuemath gives importance to the students and therefore fix the time as per their availability.

A program is the best program when it ensures the following:

  1. Enriched content
  2. Learning outcome
  3. Flexibility in timing of the program depending on the students’ availability.

Buying the worksheets only will not give a good improvement to your kid. Similarly, keeping a home tutor will also not give a good improvement. When you provide both facilities-cuemath worksheets and cuemath certified teacher to your kid, the improvement will be much higher.

If you are interested for your kid, please click on the following link to get the center near your area :

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Popular Days in December

Here are the popular days of December :

1. 1st December : World Aids Day

2. 2nd December : National Pollution Control Day

3. 4th December : Indian Navy Day

4. 5th December : World Soil Day

5. 9th December : Anti-corruption Day

6. 10th December : Human Rights Day

7. 15th December : International Tea Day

8. 19th December : Goa Liberation Day

9. 22nd December : National Mathematics Day

10. 23rd December : Farmer’s Day

11. 25th December : Christmas Day

M.C.Q on Indian Constitution

Q1. How many recognised National political parties are in India?

Ans: Seven (7)

Q2. How many divisions are made in the council of the Parliament of the Union?

Ans: 3. The divisions are : The president and the two Houses known as the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and the House of the People (Lok Sabha).  

Q3. The Council of States is known as _____________________?

Ans: Rajya Sabha

Q4. The House of the People is known as ________________________?

Ans: Lok Sabha

Q5. As per which article of the constituion of India,the council of the Parliament of the Union is divided into three sections?

Ans: Article 74

Q6. The first general elections to the Lok Sabha were held in ____________?

Ans: 1952

Q7. Who appoints the Governors of Indian States?

Ans: President

Q8. Who is appointed as 47th chief Justice of India?

Ans: S. A. Bobde

Q9. Who is known as Father of Indian Constitution?
Ans: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Q10.  How many fundamental rights are mentioned in Indian Constitution?
Ans: Six

Q11.  What is the correct nomenclature of India according to the Preamble?
Ans: Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

Q12. The Indian Constitution is regarded in which form?
Ans: Federal in form and Unitary in spirit.

Q13. Which articles can not be suspended even during emergency?
Ans: Article 20 and 21

Q14. In India how many times National Emergency has been declared?
Ans: Three(3).

Q15. The Loksabha is called in session at least_______.
Ans: Twice a year.

Popular days in November

Here are the important days to remember in the month of November:

1. November is the “No Shaving Month”. Purpose is to save the money spent on shaving and to donate the same to cancer diseased people.

2. 8th November: World Radiology Day.

3. 11th November: National Educational Day.

4. 13th November: World Kindness Day.

5. 14th November: Children’s Day.

6. 19th November: International Men’s Day.

7. 26th November: National Law Day.

8. 26th November: National Milk Day

Sounds of Different types of Birds

1. Birds chirp/ sing/ tweet/ whistle.

2. Chickens cackle/chick.

3. Cocks crow.

4. Crows caw.

5. Doves coo.

6. Ducks quack.

7. Eagles scream.

8. Geese cackle/quack.

9. Hens cackle/cluck.

10. Hummingbirds hum.

11. Nightingales sing/pipe/warble.

12. Ostriches chirp/bark/hiss.

13. Parrots talk/screech/squawk.

14. Peacocks scream.

15. Pigeons coo.

16. Vultures scream.

M.C.Q on “Study on various Items – known as”

1. Study of human body: Anatomy

2. Study of blood: Hematology

3. Study of Lungs: Pulmonology

4. Study of Heart: Cardiology

5. Study of Bones: Osteology

6. Study of Kidney: Nephrology

7. Study of Liver: Hepatology

8. Study of Skin: Dermatology

9. Study of Hair: Trichology

10. Study of Life in Outer Planets and Space: Exobiology

11. Study of Tissue: Histology

12. Study of Flower: Anthology

13. Study of Fungi: Mycology

14. Study of Birds: Ornithology

15. Study of Insects: Entomology

16. Study of Fruits: Pomology

17. Study of Algae: Phycology or Algology

18. Study of Human Population: Demography

19. Study of Fish: Icthyology

20. Study of Soil: Pedology

21. Study of Water: Hydrology

22. Study of Amphibians and Reptiles: Herpetology

23. Study of Coins: Numismatics

24. Study of Future: Futurology

25. Study of Space: Astronomy

26. Study of Human Societies and Cultures and their development: Anthropology

27. Study of Bacteria: Bacteriology

28. Study of Virus: Virology

29. Study of Spider, Scorpion or collectively called as Arachnids: Arachnology

30. Study of Spider: Arneology

M.C.Q on Our Galaxy

Here are the 30 questions on our Galaxy:

1. What is the name of our Galaxy?

Ans: Milkyway

2. What is the name of the Galaxy nearest to our Galaxy?

Ans: Andromeda

3. Study of Universe is known as ___?

Ans: Cosmology

4. How much time it takes for the sunlight to reach on Earth?

Ans: 8 minutes 20 seconds

5. How much time it takes for the reflected light from moon to reach on Earth?

Ans: 1.28 seconds.

6. Which is the smallest planet in our Galaxy?

Ans: Murcury

7. Which planets have no natural satellites in our Galaxy?

Ans: Murcury and Venus

8. Which is called Blue Planet in our Galaxy?

Ans: Earth

9. Which is called Red Planet in our Galaxy?

Ans: Mars

10. Which is the biggest planet in our Galaxy?

Ans: Jupiter

11. Which planet is known as Morning Star or Evening Star in our Galaxy?

Ans: Venus

12. How much time Murcury takes to revolve around the Sun in our Galaxy?

Ans: 88 days

13. Which planet is known as spinning planet in our Galaxy?

Ans: Murcury

14. Which planet’s density is maximum in our Galaxy?

Ans: Earth

15. Which planet has highest number of satellites in our Galaxy?

Ans: Jupiter

16. What is the shape of our Galaxy?

Ans: Spiral

17. What is the age of the Universe?

Ans: 13.8 billions years

18. Planets around other stars are known as ____.

Ans: Exoplanets.

19. Which Galaxy is expected to collide with our Galaxy within 4 billion years?

Ans: Andromeda Galaxy

20. Which planets are known as Gas Giants?

Ans: Jupiter and Saturn

21. Which are the main gases exist in Jupiter and Saturn?

Ans : Hydrogen and Helium

22. Which planets are known as Ice Giants?

Ans: Uranus and Neptune

23. Closest approach to the Sun is called___?

Ans : Perihelion

24. The most distant point from the sun is called ___?

Ans: Aphelion

25. One astronomical unit is equal to ____km or ______mi?

Ans : 150,000,000 km or 93,000,000 km

26. How many natural satellites Mars and Earth have ?

Ans : Mars has two satellites and Earth has one satellite.

27. The substances present at the centre of the Sun is in ___state only.

Ans : Gaseous state

28. Which planet’s density is less than that of water ?

Ans: Saturn

29. Which colour the sky will appear in absence of atmosphere?

Ans: Dark, Black

30. The innermost layer of the earth is known as ____?

Ans: Barysphere

M.C.Q on Sound

Q1. Sound is produced when a body __________.

Ans: Vibrates.

Q2. Which is called Voice Box in human body?

Ans: Larynx

Q3. Which part vibrates when we speak ?

Ans: Vocal Cord

Q4. Which insect doesn’t have Voice Box ?

Ans: Bee

Q5. How the bees produce sound without having Voice Box?

Ans: They produce sound by moving their wings up and down very fast.

Q6. Can sound travel through vacuum?

Ans: No.

Q7. Which range of frequencies of sounds are audible to Human ears?

Ans: 20 Hz to 20,000Hz.

Q8. Can we hear Ultrasonic Sound / Subsonic Sound?

Ans: No.

Q9. Which animals can hear Ultrasonic sounds?

Ans:Dogs,Bats,Monkeys,Deers,Leopards etc.

Q10. Sound of frequency of below 20 Hz is called____________?

Ans: Subsonic Sound or Infrasonic Sound

Q11. Sound of frequency of above 20,000 Hz is called ______?

Ans: Ultrasonic Sound.

Q12. What is the speed of Sound in Gas medium?

Ans: 330m/sec

Q13. What is the speed of Sound in Water?

Ans: 1500m/sec

Q14. What is the speed of Sound within Iron /steel?

Ans: 5000m/sec

Q15. Does speed of sound increase / decrease with increase in temperature?

Ans: It increases with increase in temperature.

Q16. What is the rate of increase of speed of sound for 1 Degree C rise in temperature?

Ans: 0.61m/sec

Q17. The speed of sound is more humid air / dry air?

Ans: Humid Air

Howdy Modi Event at Houston in USA

Howdy Modi Event at Houston in the USA

“Howdy Modi” event is the biggest global event of the year held at Houston in the USA. The theme and details of the event are as follows:

Beginning time: At 8.30 pm on 22nd September’19(IST)

Duration: Three hours followed by cultural programs


To celebrate the contributions of the Indian-Americans made in the USA.

To strengthen the USA-INDIA bonding.

To celebrate the friendship between the USA and India.

Venue: NRG Stadium, One of the largest football stadiums in the USA. 

Audiences: 50,000 Indian Americans

Organizers: Texas India Forum (TIF)

Speech: John Cornyn, US senator for Texas welcomed Our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi at NRG Stadium.

Speech of our P. M Mr. Modi- 

“Friends, this morning we have a very special person with us. He needs no introduction. His name is familiar to every person on the planet. His name comes up in almost every conversation in the world of global politics. It is my honor and privilege to welcome him to this magnificent stadium and in this magnificent gathering.

I can say – Every time I found the friendliness, warmth, energy, the president of the USA-Mr. Donald Trump. This is extraordinary, this is unprecedented.

I admire him for something more-his sense of leadership, a passion for Americans, a concern for every American’s future, a belief in American’s future and a strong resolve to make America great again and he has already made the American’s economy strong again.”

Mr.Modi also said that the best friend of our nation is no one but President of USA, Donald Trump.”

Speech of USA President Mr. Trumph:

“American’s greatest, most supported and most loyal friend is PM Modi.

We are happy to get Approximately 4 million Indian Americans all across the country.

It is great to be with Modi. We will be with India always. PM Modi is doing great things. India is strong under Modi.

We are increasing trade with India. To keep ourselves safe, we must protect our borders. Border security is vital for the USA and border security is vital for India. We understand that. We have to fight jointly terror.”

Trump sends a big anti-terror message in this event.

M.C.Q on Chandrayaan-2

Here, we will discuss 50 numbers of Multiple Choice Questions on “Chandrayaan-2” for different types of competitive examinations. In the M.C.Q generally 4 numbers of options are given. You have to choose the correct one. Here, the correct answer has been mentioned.

The questions and answers are as follows:

1.When was the mission Chandrayaan-2 launched?

Ans:- 22nd July,2019

2. Initially which date was decided for launching Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 15th July,2019

3. Name the rocket used for launching Chandrayaan-2?


4. Which fuel is used in mission Chandrayaan-2 rocket?

Ans:- UDMH.

5. What is full form of UDMH?

Ans:- Unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine.

6. What is the chemical symbol of UDMH?

Ans:- C2H8N2

7. What is full form of GSLV?

Ans:- Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.

8. What are the objectives of Chandrayaan-2 moon mission?

Ans:- To map the surface of the moon, to collect data on minerals and formation of rock.

9. For how many earth days the scientific experiments will be conducted on the lunar surface by the lander and rover?

Ans:- 14

10. Which position does India hold in attempting soft landing on the lunar surface?


11. Before India which countries have attempted in soft landing on the lunar surface?

Ans:- USA, Russia and China.

12. How Vikram landed on lunar surface ? What are the other types of landing?

Ans:-Soft Landing. Soft Landing, Hard Landing and Cable Landing.

13. What was the first mission name launched by USA and when it was launched?

Ans:- LADEE and it was launched in September, 2013.

14. What was the mission name launched by USA in April, 2018?

Ans:- TESS

15. Which space agency launched mission, Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- ISRO

16. From which space center Chandrayaan-2 was launched?

Ans:- Satish Dhawan Space Center

17. Name the place and state from where Chandrayaan-2 was launched?

Ans:- Shri Harikota in Andhra Pradesh.

18. How much cost is incurred in mission Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 978 crore

19. Where is Isro’s Head quarter?

Ans:- Bengaluru

20. On which pole of Moon Chandrayaan-2 landed?

Ans:- South pole.

21. By whom Indian space ministry is headed?

Ans:- Prime Minister

22. Who is the present chairman of Isro?

Ans:- K. Sivan

23. Which number of mission is Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 2

24. When the mission Chandrayaan-1 was launched?

Ans:- 22nd October in 2008.

25. Who was the chairman of Isro when Chandrayaan-1 was launched?

Ans:- G. Madhavan Nayar.

26. Name the rocket used in Chandrayan – 1 mission?

Ans:- PSLV C11

27. What is the full form of PSLV?

Ans:- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

28. Which moon mission of Israel was failed?

Ans:- Beresheet.

29. When the mission Beresheet was launched?

Ans:- February, 2019.

30. What are the main three components of chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Orbitor, Lander and Rover.

31. What is the name of lander in Chandrayan – 2?

Ans:- Vikram.

32. Name the rover in Chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Pragyan.

33. What is the distance between moon and earth?

Ans:- 3,84,400km

34. How much time is required for the reflected light of moon to reach on earth?

Ans:- 1.30 Seconds

35. What is the gravitational pull of earth compared to moon?

Ans:- 6 times

36. Name the only natural satellite of Earth?

Ans:- Moon.

37. When ISRO was established?


38. Who is founder of Isro?

Ans:- Vikram Sarabhai

39. Name the spacecraft by which Neil Armstrong step foot on moon?

Ans:- Apollo – 11

40. Who is the first person to step foot on moon?

Ans:- Neil Armstrong

41. Study of Moon is called _____.

Ans:- Selenology

42. How many modules Chandrayan-2 have?

Ans:- 3

43. From which launch pad Chandrayan-2 was launched?

Ans:- 2nd.

44. Name the project director of the mission chandrayaan – 2?

Ans:- Muthaya Vanitha

45. Name the mission director at Chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Ritu Kridhal

46. What were the names of the two craters from where the lander and the rover landed near lunar south pole?

Ans:- Manzinus C and Simpelius N

47. What is the solar power capacity of orbitor?

Ans:- 1000W

48. At which latitude Chandrayan-2 aimed to land?

Ans:- 70 degree S Latitude.

49. What is the approximate combined mass of lander and rover ?

Ans:- 1471 kg

50.How many scientific instruments have been selected by ISRO for Orbitor,Lander and Rover ?

Ans :Eight for the Orbitor,Four for the Lander and Two for the Rover


Are Spelling mistakes

not real mistakes?

If Peace becomes piece,

Heart got hurt.

If she becomes sea,

How will you see?

If year becomes ear

Time will tear.

If won becomes one,

Quality turns into quantity.

If made becomes maid,

Component becomes servant.

If tell becomes tail,

How will you complete the tale?

If meet becomes meat,

Living animals turn into dead.

Introduction to Engineering Drawing

What is Engineering Drawing ?

It is a language for transferring the details of an object to the labor who works in the manufacturing field.

When a multi-storied building is constructed, the primary need of the labors is Engineering Drawing. All details like dimensions, door-window details, floor-roof details, false-ceiling details if any and staircase dimensions, etc, are reflected in the Engineering Drawing. The labors may not know the reason behind the design parameters of the staircase, but they surely know how to read the Engineering Drawing and how to start erection works accordingly.

Therefore, It is a language by which engineers and labor communicate with each other for construction works.


The following instruments are used to prepare drawings easily and accurately:

  1. Drawing Board
  2. T-square
  3. Set Squares-45 degree and 30 degree -60 degree
  4. Compass
  5. Divider
  6. Scales
  7. Protector
  8. French Curves or flexible curves
  9. Drawing Sheets
  10. Pencils
  11. Eraser
  12. Drawing board clips
  13. Duster made of cotton
  14. Drafting machine

Size of Drawing Sheets:(mmxmm) 

  • A0: 841 X 1189
  • A1: 594 X 841
  • A2: 420 X 594
  • A3: 297 X 420
  • A4: 210 X 297
  • A5: 148 X 210

Purpose of some new instruments:

T-square: used for drawing the horizontal lines, vertical lines.

Set-square: In combination with T-square, set squares are used to draw the lines at 30 deg or 60 deg angle and 45 deg angle with vertical or horizontal lines. Also used for drawing perpendicular lines and parallel lines.

Drafting Machine: the tasks performed by T-square and Set Square, all these tasks can be performed by only using drafter. 

French Curves or flexible curves: These are used for joining the points on the curves while creating the geometrical curves.

Basic things you should know:

1. Dimension Systems:

Under this section, you will come to know how to put dimensions in an Engineering Drawing.

2. Scales:

you will learn how to scale the object for accommodating the object in the drawing sheet.

3. Construction of Geometrical Curves:

In this section, how to draw the basic geometrical shapes e.g polygon, parabola, ellipse, etc will be taught to you.

4. Projection of Points and Lines:

Here, you will learn about the different types of projection- first angle projection, second angle projection, third angle projection, fourth angle projection. If a point or a line is situated in the first quadrant, how to draw the projections of those points in a drawing sheet has been explained under this section.

5. Projection of Solids:

Here how to draw the different views of a 3-d solid object has been discussed.

6. Projection of Sections of Solids:

If the object is cut at a particular height and a particular angle, the different views of the cut object has been explained here.

7. Isometric Projection:

Differences between the orthographic projection and isometric projection have been discussed here. You will learn how to draw the isometric projection of an object.

8. Development of Surfaces:

If all the surfaces of an object are developed or opened, how will it look has been taught here.

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Introduction to “Workshop/Manufacturing Practices”

Workshop: It is the shop (or place) where some physical useful work has been performed for manufacturing different types of products. To execute this work, different types of shops are required which are explained here.

For different types of manufacturing processes, different types of shops are required :

Fitting Shop: In this shop, different parts of a product are assembled to get the final shape of the product. The following operations are performed on the parts of the job before assembling: filing, drilling, tapping, cutting, etc. Surface finishing is maintained by Filing operation. If we require to make a hole in the parts of the job, we have to perform drilling operations. Making internal threading is called Tapping. For getting the required shape to the job piece, if it requires to remove some parts of the job piece, we have to go for cutting operation. With the help of, ‘Hack-saw” this operation is performed. Carpentry shop is also used for making furniture. Timber is the material used in the carpentry shop.

Casting shop: There are some design setups where we can make the mold with the help of a pattern. The pattern must look like the final product. So, the pattern is the replica of the final product. Mold is a cavity within which hot molten metal is poured. This mold is prepared with the help of a pattern. So, the shape of the mold is also the same as the shape of the final product. When the mold is filled up with the hot liquid molten metal, it is kept for few hours for cooling. After a few hours, the molten metal inside the mold becomes solid. This solid takes the shape of the mold. Then, this solid metal is separated from the mold and thus we get our required final product.


Forming Shop: Sheet metal works are performed in this shop. If we want to manufacture products of different shape of sheet metal, deformation of sheet metal with the help of Die and Punch is performed by applying pressure to get the shape of the final product. This process is called Forming process.


Machining shop: In this shop, machining operations are performed. Machine tools and cutting tools are used to manufacture the products. There are two types of machining processes – conventional machining and non-conventional machining process. In conventional machining, we use Lathe machine, Shaping Machine, Milling Machine, Drilling Machine, etc, whereas, in non-conventional machining, we use an electron beam melting process (EBM), Laser beam machining(LBM), computer numerical controlled (CNC), etc. In a conventional machining process, the size of chips is large and tool life is less compared to the non-conventional machining process. Also in the conventional machining process, direct contact exists between the workpiece and cutting tool. 

Lathe Machine

Welding shop: It is a joining process by which two metals are joined together by applying heat or pressure. In some joining processes, heat plays an important role and in some joining processes pressure plays an important role. In some welding processes, base metal and electrode both melt. The filler material may also be added to the joint to form a pool of molten metal which is known as Weld Pool. Two metals can be joined by Soldering and Brazing also, but in these cases, low temperature is involved and base metal does not melt. So, the use of filler material is compulsory in Soldering and Brazing processes.

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What are the main types of trees?

Main types of trees are: Shurb, Herb, Climber, Creeper, Tree.


Shrub(bushes with woody stems)- Hibiscus, Rose, cotton etc

Herb(Soft stems)- Tulsi, Mint, Coriander etc.

Climbers(need support, weak stem)- Money plant, Bean etc.

Creepers(grow along the ground)- Pumpkin, Bottle gourd etc.

Trees(Big and tall plants)- Mango, Neem etc.

Drawings and Actual ones both are shown here :

Drawings courtesy: Myself

Picture Courtesy: Myself

Picture: from our garden.

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How our sense organs help to become a scientist :Discovery of Magnets

We all are human beings like Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, etc. But they are different in some fields. Do you know why they are different?

Power is within all of us. They know how to create a spark. They know how to activate this power. They are very eager to know their purpose in life. They are always curious about the things happening around them. They believe themselves.

They use the power of five sense organs and we all have these sense organs. They know how to squeeze a lemon and take the output. Their eyes help in catching the things which many people can’t see. Their nose helps to get a taste of those things which many people can’t. Their ears can hear the voice of inside, the voice of their soul, the voice of the hidden power. We all have the same eyes, nose and ears still we can’t do that.

We can’t perform as those scientists perform. The reason behind this is very simple i.e we don’t want to.

We tell our eyes – ” it is not your business. You have not to focus on that. Don’t think too much”. We tell our ears-“you have not to concentrate on the voice inside us, no voice and no power are inside us. It is luck only. Those scientists are different from us by birth. They are blessed with extra intelligence.” Then our eyes and ears also believe the same. Thus, we lose in the game of life.

Here is the story:- How a layman used the power of his sense organs and found the magnets. Then he became a renowned scientist.

We should always observe our surroundings. We should not only observe but also analyze the things. So many things are yet to discover. We should make our sense organs very active. These organs can make a wonder. God has given us the keys i.e sense organs. We have to unlock the doors of the soul where unlimited power is hidden.

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Entropy and destruction of Universe

Entropy is a thermodynamical term in engineering. It is considered as a measure of disorders ,molecular disorder or randomness of a system.

When you buy a new flat, initially the things are limited and arranged properly. After a few years, number of items have been increased drastically. The system (here it is Flat) belongs a tandency to move haphazardly. It is very easy to cater the items here and there rather to arrange the items properly as it was initially.

In our Universe, entropy is always increasing and the energy for doing useful works available in the universe is always decreasing. Disorderness is increasing. When the civilization started to grow, things (like ponds,lakes,rivers,seas, hills, mountains, insects, trees, animals and human beings) were arranged properly by nature. Every items had been given it’s own space. It is human beings who are responsible for increasing the entropy of the universe. It is human beings who have occupied others’ region. As a result, disorderness has been increased drastically. Once the system moves towards disorderness, it can’t be brought back to it’s initial state.

Oneday, entropy will be in it’s highest level and chaos will be of highest amount and the Universe will loose it’s energy. When the Universe will have no energy, civilization will ruin. But energy has no end. Then where do this energy hide? The energy of the universe will be shifted to the living creatures. The universe will be vanished at zero from where it had been started it’s journey long long ago. But can’t we try to reduce the entropy at least a little bit so that this civilization remains few more years?

1. If we treat plants, rivers and all other natural attributes as human beings, can we then cut them or kill them? So, we should think about their lives.

2. Even, we should treat an empty space as a living creature,then only we will think a lot before throwing garbages.

3. As nature is giving us so many things without which we can’t survive which we know very well, can’t we give them something in return?

Let us try to reduce the randomness of Nature. Let’s not cut a tree further more. Let’s not think about making a building in place of Ponds/lakes. Let us not waste the water? Let us think about the growth of technology without hampering the nature.

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