A night

A night when someone feels lonely,

I feel crowdy as lots of words knock on the door of my mind.

A night when some people sleep,

I feel to stay awake to dream.

A night when darkness reaches at its peak,

My words get highest speed.

A night when a flower blossoms,

My words build stories.

A night when a baby cries,

The form of a book is taken by my stories.

A night when a fruit takes birth from a flower,

Thanking God, I take a bath in the blessing’s shower.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless! Wish you and your family members a very happy new year. Happy 2020!!

When the Story speaks

When the Sentences speak,

When they talk

About ups and downs,

Author laughs

Thinking the destination-

Depends on his/her decision.

When the words think

Without them nothing has life,

Sentences believe

They are everything,

Story tells-

It’s me who evaluates

The value of you all.

Author smiles,

And create new stories.

Oh God

Oh God, where are you ?

I am searching for you here and there.

Oh God,there is a long queue

of so many people’s prayer.

Oh God,how do you manage ?

I feel someone is loaded

and put on your shoulder- a big luggage

which you carried,

everytime and every moment.

how funny people are !

they give you ornament,

when you are the owner

of this universe ,which makes me surprised.

I can feel your silence makes me astonished.

I can feel your pain

given by the Men and women

I can feel you now and then.


Blogging is like solving puzzles!

If you practice daily

And solve the problems,

You will improve daily.

Less practice less solving,

Less writing less ideas appearing.

Practice more, intelligence will grow.

Write more, ideas will flow.

Thank you for reading! Let’s make a beautiful world together! God bless!

Husband and Wife

Husband and wife were brought up

In different environment,
two different set-up.

He likes earning money,

She likes maintaining happiness in family.

His thoughts are towards office,

Her thoughts are towards house.

She focuses on little things,

He focuses on meetings,documents.

She focuses on cleanliness of the kitchen,

He focuses on increment and promotion.

She focuses on her kids,

He focuses on office deeds.

She remains happy with whatever she has,

Office deeds snatch his happiness always.

How then he and she stay together ?

Because- his problems along with hidden love towards her

make her director of the family,

And he silently behaves like a simple employee.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Cold and Caugh

It is only cold and caugh

Make my life taugh.

Consumes the half

Of my energy,

Making me lazy.

It is the transition period

Between hot and cold

Weather, makes me ill,

Compels me to take pill.

It is only cold

Which compels me to hold.

If time would be stopped,

Waited for me to be cured !

My works don’t get postponed.

But time doesn’t understand !

Festive mood

On the way

Today is mahapanchomi

October, month of grand festival.

Time for goddess Durga’s arrival.

Time for moving to native place,

Time for roaming in village.

Time for taking bath within greens,

Time for talking with natures,

And a get together with relatives.

Wish you all a very happy Durgapuja!

May Devi Durga bless you all !

If I become WordPress

If I were become wordpress,

the feelings I can’t express.

you all bloggers write on me,

so many poems, stories I carry,

people get relax,

after puttting the things in my box.

so many people visit,

so beautiful performance, people exhibit.

I, being WordPress notice

the sadness, I wash

away, I keep record of everything,

I make a life story of everone.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


Are Spelling mistakes

not real mistakes?

If Peace becomes piece,

Heart got hurt.

If she becomes sea,

How will you see?

If year becomes ear

Time will tear.

If won becomes one,

Quality turns into quantity.

If made becomes maid,

Component becomes servant.

If tell becomes tail,

How will you complete the tale?

If meet becomes meat,

Living animals turn into dead.

As you are with me

As you are with me,

Life gets a good rhythm.

As you are with me,

My mind knows how to dream.

As you are with me

Life gets energy.

As you are with me,

I can smile easily.

And I get courage,

My mind knows,

How to remove loneliness,

How to remove the darkness

of night.

By talking with you for sometime,

My bed becomes bright.

As you are with me

Life becomes shiny.

Are you truly Independent?

The air, you inhale is not yours.

The water, you drink is not yours.

The money you get and give to someone,

Is not created by you.

The work completed by you,

You have to give the updates of that work to someone.

The food you eat, gradients come from somewhere.

The dresses you wear, made by some others,

The happiness, you feel

Just because someone has given you.

On so many people , you are dependent !

But you act as if you are totally independent.

Are you truly independent ?

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Prayer for Amazon

Rain, Rain!

Come to Amazon.

You can save all of us,

Save the earth, save our lungs.

Save our forests and animals.

Come in form of ‘cats and dogs’.

You can understand the pain,

Tolerated by creatures and man

Who are trying a lot to help them.

But all are going in vain.

Fire have become desperate.

Rain, you only can separate,

Fire from the Forest.

It is all of our request.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Environment – our Mother

When the environment is our mother,

The forests are the lungs,

The animal feeling is the blood.

When bonfires occur,

Lungs suffer,

Brings Cancer,

Feelings end,

Environment die.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

‘I’-Most selfish word

‘I’ and ‘My’

Not at all shy.

For ‘you’,

Everything is few.

Kingdom is ‘Mine’,

And ‘you’

Is nothing.

‘I’ is everything.

‘I’ is selfish,

You are foolish,

‘I’ will win,

And will let you ruin.

‘I’, ‘I’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’,

House is ‘Mine’ , property is ‘Mine’,

You never be fine.

Always ‘I’ prevails,

You, the hell!

Most selfish word, selfish thought is ‘I’. Nothing is ours, still we demand everything as ours. We have come in this world with a big zero and we will leave this world with a big zero. We all are aware of this, still we are fighting to grab the power, to grab the things. If we can come out of this selfish thoughts, we will achieve an eternal peace.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


image of mother and orphanage �র ছবির ফলাফল

After my birth,

On this beautiful earth,

My mother thrown me within weed.

I am a helpless kid.

Someone took me at Orphanage.

To her, I really pay homage !

My request to the Mothers,

Who can’t give birth of babies,

Why are you thinking so much ?

You just give us your touch

There are so many children,

Waiting for you, you need children,

And we need a Mother,

Why can’t we stay together ?

Believe us, we also can be a good kid. 

Within your shelter,we also can do a great deed.

We need only a Mother like you,

We are waiting in a queue,

When you will take us at your lap,

And will give us a sweet nap.

You don’t have kids,we don’t have Mother,

Why can’t we stay together ?

Let us make a beautiful World together.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Guess who I am

I am necessary,

In every building.

You can treat me as a big TV.

In every evening,

You stand beside me,

Watch daily,

Different movies.

Your eyes 

Can’t follow too many

Movies simultaneously-

Such a wonderful TV

You should watch daily.

Keep me opened,

So that fresh air enters

Within your room and gives

Freshness to your mind.

Look at outside through me,

I also stay in your mind.

Who I am-you tell me.

window image �র ছবির ফলাফল
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


Rain Rain, come in Bengal,

And please forgive us all.

Rain, Rain where are you facing problem-

Is it the road through which you come?

You like the road full of trees, weeds,

But we all never throw the seeds,

Rather we cut the existing trees.

But this happens in cities.

Then why don’t you come to villages?

Waiting for long time – poor farmers!

Will you be able to tolerate,

When there will be no rice to eat,

No money in the pocket of farmers?

Will it be justice?

They are trying hard for earning,

But they are much dependent on your arriving.

Hope, you will listen to them,

Hope, very soon, You will come.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Nature is my Favorite House

Can you tell me why I need a house ?

Two mountains will make the two walls of my house,

With the clouds floating here and there,

I will make the roof my house.

But, my lovely cloud, bring rain,

Exactly when

It is time for taking bath.

During winter, when my body will shake,

Ohh my cloud, please be as my blanket.

Have not to worry about summer,

As two mountains will not allow sunlight to enter.

But of course gentle wind must enter.

I will save myself from summer and winter,

By keeping myself in the lap of nature.

But cloud don’t become disobedient,

Don’t bring rain at night.

If you become disobedient,

And give me troubles,

How will I save myself ?

Where will I stay leaving my lovely nature ?

In the house made of brick,sand and cement,

I miss my Nature every moment !

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world with beautiful nature. God bless.


Marriage means devote yourself,
Marriage means dedicate yourself.

Marriage means adjustment,

Marriage means “Sometime forget yourself“.

Marriage means construction of a home where love exists.
Marriage means -a shade in front of bright sunshine.

Marriage means I am there for you,

Marriage means -“find happiness within you”.

Marriage means to be an Umbrella of a family,

Marriage means distribution of feelings from both sides and equally.

Marriage means responsibility,
Marriage means a sweet dependency.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.