Activities must be taken care at School

Children are the backbone of tomorrow. We all should take care of them. Taking care of them means loving the beautiful existence of the future of the mankind. Children spend their valuable time at school. Children prefer to listen to their class teacher’s words rather than listening to their parents. Hence, School Authorities can change the future of the today’s children in a better way.

Here are the most important activities on which School Authorities should give importance:

1. Wearing Musk: Technology is improving, but environment is not. We all are staying in a polluted environment. Schools start from 8 a.m in the morning. So, kids have to leave their home within 7a.m to 7.30a.m.

AIQ level reaches at peak point in the morning only. In that time, kids remain outside of the home. Kids have low immunity power. It is School Authority who can make “wearing musk” as compulsory. If they do so, we can remove the problems of the lungs of our future which is very much necessary.

2. Water Intake: Kids of age 5 years to 10 years stay outside their home 6 to 8 hours. So, School authority must give importance on drinking water specially for kids. Kids do not understand the importance of drinking water. Kids don’t know how drinking less amount of water may damage their body. In maximum cases, both the parents are working. So children can meet with their parents in the evening only.

This habit can be built in the school time only.

3. Good habits: Good habits should be taught in the school only such as- we should not spit here and there; we should throw the garbages in the dustbin only; we should not waste water etc. Taking caring of environment and maintaining cleanliness in surrounding should also be taught in the school.

If all the schools focus on these parameters, our children will get a beautiful world in future.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

Dewali : Is it a festival of Joy or Pollution?

We, the Indian celebrate a lot of festivals. We say that God will fulfill our wishes if we celebrate ” Durgapuja”,” Kalipuja”, “Dewali”,etc. It is wrong. God will fulfill our wishes if we perform “worship”, ” meditation” etc. It needs no cost to perform. I feel that in Bengal, Durgapuja festival has been converted into business and Dewali is the festival of polluting the environment.

The people who arrange the festival or who attend the festival, none of them is bothered about God truly. People who attend the festival want to enjoy and compare the beauty of decoration among the different “Puja-pandels”. People who arrange the festival want to win in the competition and to earn the certificates,prizes,names,etc.

In Dewali, to remove the darkness, people put a dark blanket( made of smokes) on the surrounding and suffer from a various types of diseases. Then people blame God for making them ill. Actually in every cases, we only create our poison. In computers, we create viruses; in vegetables, we mix impurities; we create cigarettes; we create crackers,etc. We never care about the mother Nature. But we are expert in doing campaigns saying that ” Save Earth, Save Life”.

The Dewali Festival offers us not only pollution but also accidents,deaths, etc. In this year, blast of four clay flowerpots have taken two lives in Kolkata. After this incident, people were shouting why can’t crackers be made at legal factories and a fixed composition is decided upon? We, the people have a tendency to blame others but we don’t have a tendency to become alert before the accidents occur.

In market, poisons are also available. Some people are there who create poison, sleeping peels too. Now, if we buy those poisons and take it, we will die. Will our relatives shout saying why the poisons have been created? In this case, we will not blame the manufacturer of poisons. But for crackers, we blame them. Both the cases are same, both take our lives. The difference is that the poisons kill us within two days whereas crackers don’t kill us, it kill the environment. It reduce the efficiency of our Lungs. Sometimes, it kill us on spot which can be treated as accident which is visible. Crackers kill our surroundings silently. As it is not visible, we never try to stop using of crackers. Our enjoyment is visible, so we enjoy a lot by burning crackers. We are happy enjoying at present. We don’t bother about our future generations. We improve our technology so much that it will be capable of creating a polluted country within few years.

Here are the Air Quality Index over the last few nights:

Where, AQI of 0-50 is good for health and 51-100 is satisfactory.

After seeing this, how many of us will stop buying any type of crackers next year? How many manufacturers will deny to manufacture the crackers? How many workers will change their type of works?

We have replaced fire candles with electric candles, we have replaced kerosine lamp with electric lamp. Can’t our technology replace these crackers? Can’t our technology make us engaged in different type of enjoyment?

How to link voter card with your mobile number and the document which proves your current address

“Not verified yet!! Verify electoral details at Call 1950 for details. Last date for verification 18th November, 2019 – CEO WB”

Are you getting these type of messages? Don’t ignore it. It is very easy to link your voter card with your mobile number and other documents. People of West Bengal are getting this message at present.

Before executing this process, be sure that the following documents are with you:

1. Voter card

2. Adhar card/ Driving Licence/Electric Bill – any one document which proves your current address.

3. Mobile which number you want to link should be with you.

Easiest way- steps are as follows:

1. Install the application -” Voter Helpline” from Play Store.

2. Open the application

Click on the box at bottom of this page where it is written as ‘I agree’.

3. This page will appear:

Click on ” EVP”– located at bottom of the page and at left-side.

4. The following page will appear:

Click on continue located at bottom of the page.

5. The new page will open:

Put your mobile number and click on ‘send OTP’. You will get the OTP on your mobile within few seconds.

6. After clicking on OTP, the space for writing the OTP will also be shown. Write OTP in that box. Then press ‘enter’.

7. This page will open:

Click on ” search by EPIC No”.

8. Your voter card details will be shown in the coming page. At bottom of this page, there will be two options: (a) modify ( it will be in right side)

(b) Verify

If you have not to modify anything, click on ” verify” otherwise click on ” modify”. Touch the pencil and modify the parameters as required.

Then, click on ” verify” option.

9. Another new page will appear where there will be two options:

(a) Answer the questions and tag family members.

(b) Skip the questions and tag family members.

Answer all the questions and then click on option (a).

10. In the new page, three options will be there – (a) Enter the details (b) scan the bar code (c) enter EPIC number.

Click on option (c). It will be reflected at top of page, in the right side.

Your family member’s details will be shown. Click Ok.

Another page will open where you have to fill up the following details of that member: Name,Age,Sex,Relation with you.

Click -‘add to my family’.

“Successfully added” will be displayed. Click on ” Add more” if you want to add more family members.

Follow the same procedure.

After completing the adding of family members,click on ” Finalize my family tree”.

One certificate will be displayed which you can save and can share with your family members.

Please share this message so that nobody faces any difficulty in linking the voter card with his/her mobile number.

Advantages of Vegetables’ Garden at Roof

How will it be if you have not to go to market for buying vegetables daily? If the vegetables’ shop becomes available at your roof and that also becomes totally free of cost, I think everyone will enjoy the free home shopping. Recently I have visited my sister’s house where there is a vegetables’ garden at roof. Here are the advantages of vegetables’ garden at roof:

1. When your mood is off or when it rains heavily, you have not to worry about going to market.

2. It helps us during emergency.

3. The vegetables become healthy. As the way trees grown up is under our control.

4. It is like keeping”First Aid” box at home. First Aid is for curing our body and vegetables’ garden is for removing our worries.

5. It is environment friendly. It removes pollution.

6. Your garden also acts as a park.

7. Kids at home become familiar with all types of vegetables easily.

Let us give attention to our environment and plant a lot of trees near our surroundings. God bless !

Our enjoyment is the result of some people’s hard work

Some people are too busy so that we can enjoy after few days on the occasion of Durgapuja.

Some People are working hard tremendously in decorating the Goddess Durga. When these works will be completed, nobody will remember those hard working persons.

Some people are working hard,

And that is the reason, we can enjoy in future.

Durgapuja festival is on the eve. I will bring all the updates to you. So keep connected.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Roof garden

Number of people is increasing drastically. Number of buildings is also equally increasing. Space for plantation is decreasing. Amount of Oxygen in air is decreasing and amount of carbon di oxide is increasing. Thus, we are loosing the balance in the environment.

The solution is the roof garden. If it becomes compulsory to create a roof garden at the roof of all buildings, all houses, all apartments, we can increase the amount of oxygen in air we breathe.

Let us all create a roof garden at our roofs for better environment and for better tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. Let’s make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought :Smoking

She never smokes. She never buys cigarettes still smoking is killing her because some people are making her surroundings full of smoke.

We all are passive smokers due to some chain smokers. Some people are responsible for making the environment polluted but we all are victims.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Is it Forest Fire or Bonfire at Amazon forest?

We call the Amazon Fire incident as a Forest Fire. God will say it as Bonfire. Man snatches the space of Forest. Forest never snatches the space of human beings.

If a plant grows below our outdoor unit of Air conditioning machine, we cut it immediately to clean the space. Can Forest kill us when we occupy their space?

We call it Forest Fire so that we can hide our faults. Have we noticed the reason which causes the Forest Fire? When we kill a goat and eat the meat, do you think that butcher is only responsible? We and butcher both are equally responsible for taking the life of the goat.

Human beings have occupied Forest’s space, have cut a lot of trees, have created roads within the Forest. The amount of heat has been increased. The number of rainfalls has been decreased. Some people cut the trees or create fire in some areas so that they can dig the land. They think that they will get goldmines after digging the land. These are the reasons which compel nature to create Forest Fire. These people never try to find the reason behind the Forest Fire and treat these types of incidents as natural disasters.

Let us take care of our Nature which is our savior.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.

15 Reasons Why Napping is Required at Office.

Earning money is the most important subject of our life. From beggar to the world’s richest person, everyone is running behind it. We, most of the people, go to the office for earning money. We have to work hard for getting our salary. Every moment, we have to prove that we are working hard at the office.
Does it mean that we are working only at the office?
Not really!
The maximum family is a nuclear family and there will be a lot of household works, physical activity, and mental stress.
Nowadays, as men and women both are working, napping plays an important role in office areas.

Here are the 15 reasons why Napping is required :

1. Everywhere there is a rat race, it may be in the office or home or market or on the road. We, the working people, have to take part in this rat race to survive.

2. Both employed and unemployed women are working hard. So, all men must help them out and support for cooking and other activities after their office hours.

3. If in the family, 1-2 kids are there, works e.g to teach the kids is a big task. If we admit our children in a renowned private school, then we have to study more than our children, we have to do so many project works which we had not done even in our college life. It consumes our huge energy.

4. Many working women have to cook after the office to feed their family members. Regular outside food is not healthy nowadays, which is known to all.

5. Many people have to travel 1-2 hours for going to the office through the traffic jam, gossip, yesterday’s manager’s shoutings, pathetic road accident, etc. which removes morning’s s freshness and energy.

6. The maximum offices start within 9 a. 9.30 a.m. So, people have to get up early without completing 7 to 8 hrs of healthy sleep.

7. Due to kid’s study, examinations, birthday celebrations, etc. people become late to sleep at night. As a result, sleeping hours get reduced.

8. Nowadays, food is not healthy. Hence, physical exercise is not only necessary to build muscles but also it is mandatory to survive from sugar, pressure, cholesterol, etc. and for this body needs rest.

9. Maximum people take heavy lunch since they don’t get time for heavy breakfast in the morning due to lack of time. Heavy lunch incurs drowsiness within people in the office.

10. We, employed people mainly settle in the city since the offices are there only. Maximum cases, our parents are not with us and we miss our big tree which acts as a shadow in our life and protects us from the hot sun. Long ago people were relaxed since the parents were there. Now, the nuclear family incurs a restless life which brings an impact in office as well.

11. Earlier we used to share our difficulties with our near and dear ones and become relaxed. Time has been changed. Now, we have to keep it in mind and live a stressful life.

12. We all know that it is better to keep office work in office and house matters in house. But due to high stress, this is not possible, the mind is always facing difficulties to control it.

13. We all breathe less than the required and that is why many people go to yoga class. Less breathe in a long time means less oxygen, which subsides the oxygen level in blood and energy gets reduced. A small nap in an office can reboot our system.

14. Maximum hours have been spent in the office. 3-4 hours for the journey, 1-2 hours for morning activities, 10-11 hours in offices, 2-3 hours in cooking and teaching kids. As we spend maximum time in offices, office hours should be effective.

15. We the human beings become upset by the news of rape, murder, acid attacks, terrorist attacks and all are the headlines of any news channel. The Mind remains in a stressed condition and it brings a negative impact in office works.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Online Educational Applications

ERA OF ONLINE! We are progressing a lot. We can work from home. We can pay the bills from home. We can spend our money without going to bank. All these are very interesting.  Recently, new applications have also come to us by whom we can consult a doctor through online and we can educate our children through online.

Are we really progressing? Are we really educating our kids? Yes, of course, we are progressing.  So many innovative educational applications are knocking at our door. There is no need to walk to go to Tutor’s place.  Our kids are saving a lot of time. Above all, time is very precious.

Let us discuss about online educational applications. Some educational applications are for class one to class twelve. Let us focus our discussion on a student who belongs to class one. What do you expect from that kid who spends 6 to 7 hours time at school? Definitely she/he must sleep 2-3 hours after coming from school. He / she must play 1-2 hrs in the afternoon. It is rarely seen that kids are playing outdoor games.

Maximum kids are feeling bored at home due to the following reasons:

  1. Nuclear family
  2. Single kid
  3. Working mother
  4. Not getting company of grandparents
  5. Mother becomes busy in other household works

As a result kids are being addicted to the following:

  1. TV
  2. Smart Phones
  3. Online educational apps

Kids get much interest in learning when you give them a tablet. Can they learn by this? Yes, they can learn but they learn like machines not like human beings.

Here are the negative impacts of online educational apps:

1. Kids loose their capability to think.

2. Kids don’t love educational topics rather love to handle the electronic gadgets.

3. Kids become expert in handling smart phones.

4. Kids can’t become expert in concepts.

5. When Kids will grow up, they would not be able to read books. They would be able to read  online topics only.

6. Their power of vision will be reduced. They will  face problems on headaches.Kids will be irritated easily.

7. Their life duration will be reduced, as we all know that it is better to keep kids away from oline gadgets.

8. Emotions, feelings will  be reduced drastically. Due to emotion, feelings only we are different from other animals, machines. So there will be no difference between our kids and machines.

I personally feel that the kids below 18 years should not use educational applications much. What do you think?
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

‘I’-Most selfish word

‘I’ and ‘My’

Not at all shy.

For ‘you’,

Everything is few.

Kingdom is ‘Mine’,

And ‘you’

Is nothing.

‘I’ is everything.

‘I’ is selfish,

You are foolish,

‘I’ will win,

And will let you ruin.

‘I’, ‘I’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’,

House is ‘Mine’ , property is ‘Mine’,

You never be fine.

Always ‘I’ prevails,

You, the hell!

Most selfish word, selfish thought is ‘I’. Nothing is ours, still we demand everything as ours. We have come in this world with a big zero and we will leave this world with a big zero. We all are aware of this, still we are fighting to grab the power, to grab the things. If we can come out of this selfish thoughts, we will achieve an eternal peace.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Entropy and destruction of Universe

Entropy is a thermodynamical term in engineering. It is considered as a measure of disorders ,molecular disorder or randomness of a system.

When you buy a new flat, initially the things are limited and arranged properly. After a few years, number of items have been increased drastically. The system (here it is Flat) belongs a tandency to move haphazardly. It is very easy to cater the items here and there rather to arrange the items properly as it was initially.

In our Universe, entropy is always increasing and the energy for doing useful works available in the universe is always decreasing. Disorderness is increasing. When the civilization started to grow, things (like ponds,lakes,rivers,seas, hills, mountains, insects, trees, animals and human beings) were arranged properly by nature. Every items had been given it’s own space. It is human beings who are responsible for increasing the entropy of the universe. It is human beings who have occupied others’ region. As a result, disorderness has been increased drastically. Once the system moves towards disorderness, it can’t be brought back to it’s initial state.

Oneday, entropy will be in it’s highest level and chaos will be of highest amount and the Universe will loose it’s energy. When the Universe will have no energy, civilization will ruin. But energy has no end. Then where do this energy hide? The energy of the universe will be shifted to the living creatures. The universe will be vanished at zero from where it had been started it’s journey long long ago. But can’t we try to reduce the entropy at least a little bit so that this civilization remains few more years?

1. If we treat plants, rivers and all other natural attributes as human beings, can we then cut them or kill them? So, we should think about their lives.

2. Even, we should treat an empty space as a living creature,then only we will think a lot before throwing garbages.

3. As nature is giving us so many things without which we can’t survive which we know very well, can’t we give them something in return?

Let us try to reduce the randomness of Nature. Let’s not cut a tree further more. Let’s not think about making a building in place of Ponds/lakes. Let us not waste the water? Let us think about the growth of technology without hampering the nature.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Maintain cleanliness everywhere

When we maintain cleanliness, we get more space. You have bought one Almirah and then maintained the arrangement for keeping the dresses in a good way inside the Almirah for first few months. Then, you were taking and keeping the dresses randomly. Is it happened with you due to lack of time? Oneday, you clean this Almirah and properly arrange the things again. What will you observe? You will see that the Almirah which was congested earlier, is not at all congested after cleaning,you are getting more space.

Similarly, if we can clean our surroundings, we will get more space which we can use for trees. Definitely, we can’t relocate the buildings but we can plan for would-be buildings. It may happen that for maintaining the cleanliness, some small shops have to be relocated. If the things are scattered here and there, we will loose the space.

To put the things randomly, you need not plan, you need not think. But when you are putting the things in a proper way, you need to plan, you need to think. So, think, plan then act for occupying the space.
Let us maintain cleanliness everywhere- inside home, outside home ; within the road, outside the road, the space between road and shops etc.

If we all take this responsibility, I am sure that we all together can make a beautiful, clean universe.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Education system at schools

Education system is progressing a lot. But is it really progressing? Many fields like dance, swim, abacus etc have been started in the schools. In our time, only study and sports had been done in the schools.

When someone will tell a cook to cook 8-10 items and when someone will tell same cook to cook 4-5 items, which day will you get better taste? I feel that the cook can perform better on second day but cook will earn better on the first day.

Similarly, nowadays in almost all schools, quality has been drastically reduced as many extra curricular activities have been started. Schools are earning more than earlier days but can’t be able to spread knowledge much.

Swimming pools have been made and there are swimming classes once in a week for three-four months. I have not found any kids who have learned swimming completely in the school. Every parents provide their kids – tutions for study, seperate swimming course, dance class etc. So kids are becoming busier than their parents.

I know few kids who leave their house at 7 am and enter thier house at 3.30pm from school,take their lunch (rice meal) at 3.45pm and at 4 pm, they go to tution. Then at 7 pm, they enter their house. At 7.30pm,their personal tutor come to teach them. The homework given by school, are done by the kids at school only.

No physical activity, no regular sports are done by the kids. The era is changing and becoming more advanced day by day. It is being vital to do some exercises regularly for health and mind both. How will the kids get time? They don’t get time for eating nicely. School and so many tutions. On the weekend, the kids are becoming busy in dance class, drawing class and so many. Even, they are memorizing the formula wherever it exists without understanding the physical meaning and practical applications. The kids have no time to think also. They are becoming a machine and that’s why, they can easily memorize the things, but they can’t understand the concept so easily. The power of thinking is reduced day by day. If this goes on, society will loose great artists, great poets, great scientists.

What will happen if the schools take care of study and sports only? I believe that it will be very nice for kids and parents both. If those extra curricular activities are removed, classes may end early. Cost will be reduced which will help parents. Let the kids do dance, swim by their own arrangements done by parents. Otherwise, school should give the gurantee to the parents that they will take care of extra curricular activities. They should ensure that kids will be expert in swimming by learning from school only and the parents have not to take seperate class for swim , dance etc.

School syllabus is finished so quickly that maximum students don’t understand the concept. So, naturally tutions are being a need for getting proper education.

In our time, I feel, everything was good. I personally had not taken any tution upto class eight. At class nine and ten, I took one tution for Mechanics. At eleven and twelve, I took three tutions for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Our school closing time was 4pm and beginning time was 11 am. We used to get three hours time in the morning and four-five hours time at afternoon and night. We used to play from 5 pm to 6.30 pm on regular basis. I was expert in gymnastics and got prizes many times. But truely speaking, I didn’t take any coach for this. There was one class for gymnastics in the school. I had learned in the school only.

Time has come and we, the parents along with the schools should think about the school – going kids. Don’t make the schools as a time consuming and less efficient place. Management of education system should take care this. Above all, today’s kids are backbone of tomorrow. How much will our future be strong depends on today’s kids’ health and mind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

I am worried for this analysis :the person who makes others happy is not happy so much.

The person who sells fruits, does not take it for himself /herself.

The person who makes sweets, does not eat it often.

The person who works in money factory, does not become rich.

The person who makes others laugh, does not laugh so much.

The person who makes others cry, doesn’t cry so much.

Is it – the person who makes others happy is not happy so much?

Is it – the person who thinks about others, does not think about himself / herself so much?

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Random Thought :Man

“A man is not a real man if he does not help his wife in progressing further.”

Though the society is changing, women are progressing, still there are lots of families where man does not want his wife to progress in education. A man can be judged in better way by analyzing how he behaves with his wife. When this man was a kid, he used to cry. He used to cry because he had seen that his father was not respecting his mother. Now, the man is doing same mistake and makes his kid to cry. I don’t understand why the mistakes are being repeated in stead of being corrected. This type of man must be realized that what he is doing is wrong.For realizing this, he must be punished.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Rainy Season – 2019

Cloudy sky

Cloudy Sky

This year Nature is playing with us specially with the people of West Bengal. Farmers in villages are worrying for tomorrow as there is no rain. One month of Monsoon already passed.

Everyday, the sky becomes full of dark clouds. We, all hope for rain. Then suddenly, we see that cloud is vanished and it is full of sunlight as if it is Summer. We can’t understand why Nature is playing so badly with us or is it like this – Nature is trying to give rain here, but someone hiding within nature is not willing to provide rain here.

There must be a purpose behind “no rain” or “no rain” is the effect of something. Is it the effect of “drastic cut of trees”?Is it the effect of “drastic improvement of technology”? If it becomes so, then only city should become the victim. Why do the villages become victims? In villages, maximum people are earning money by farming the land. They are very much worried.

Nature replied my questions :

You two are best friends. When your friend is doing something wrong in the class, why do you also get punishment from teacher? When you are doing something wrong, why does your father suffer? Everything is linked. If within West Bengal, city people do something wrong, village people also have to suffer. At the end, you people together are contributing the nature. Your contribution towards nature is very less. Don’t classify the people and environment in multiple ways.

I became thoughtful after receiving the reply from Nature. How is it possible to run every one’s actions and minds in same direction? This great work can be done by Almighty only. So at this stage, only prayer may help us.

Dear Universe, please bring rain at earliest. Please let the farmers do the farming so that no one in west bengal suffers. Please stop rain where it is flooding. Please keep the balance,otherwise we, your best creations will not survive.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together God bless.

A kid is worried about Future

A kid is very much worried about Future. She thought and asked – ” Will there be no clean air and water, when I will be like you?” I replied – ” It must be there. Nature loves everyone. Nature wants little bit care from us all. We should not waste water, cut trees and pollute air.” Then she wrote :

See here what she has written. She is 6 years old.

Note : She is my daughter. She has written her own. I just took the snap of those pages.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Real Truth #2

1. If you want to rise early in the morning, first change your timing for going to bed.

2. Different fruits achieve different height of trees. But oneday, all fruits’ seeds take the place of ground in different ways.

3. If you donate but don’t want to take from anyone, this imbalance indicates your pride which is not at all good for you.

4. Everywhere in the air, opposite exists. If you become too good, your opposite energy will be too bad. It is necessary to keep balance.

5. Rest is necessary but too much rest brings devil in mind. Again too much hard work without any rest may give you a complete rest permanently.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Era of Online !!

Whole world is now in your hand ! within a day, you can travel the entire world ! How is it possible ? Definitely by riding a car named “ONLINE”.

Not only travelling, you can buy everything through online, even you can sell also through online. You can teach online, you can become a student also through online. You can give examinations through online. You can run your business through online. You can convey your message to your relatives through online. You can invite them in a occasion through online. You can talk to entire world through online by Phone. Recently, medical treatment applications have also been arrived in this market ! So you can cure the sick people through online to some extent.

What is the result ? We are being handicapped ! We are being detached from our nature. We are totally dependent on “Online gadgets”. As technology is being developed, our mind is not getting space to be developed. Everything is fed to us, then how can we learn by ourselves ? If you feed your baby regular basis, how your baby will learn to eat the food ? Like this, technology is making us handicapped.

But, of course there exists so many positive sides due to era of online. We,the woman, can work from home. We can look after our family as well as our career simultaneously. This contribution of technology is great. We can talk with our relatives who are staying far away. A student can earn something which he can use for his study. If we feel not to cook someday, we can give online order for food taking the help of technology. Everything have some positive as well as negative impact. But we should take the positive one.
So, take the positive aspects of the advanced Technology.

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful world together ! God Bless !