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Soul and God

For believing in God, you have not to go to a crowded temple. Seek a temple where silence exists. Use your mind as a ladder and enter inside your body. Listen to your soul. Feel it. You will be able to see a world within you where all organs are working continuously as like time is moving and our planets are rotating. Those organs have no expectations, they don’t know for what they are running. They are running according to your instructions. How long and when will you sleep, nobody can tell except you. When will you start swimming and will make your body parts more active are known to you only. Your body-organs do not know about those.

It is exactly like universe as the planets of the universe does not know for what they are running. Time does not know about the fruit of their works. These are running as per God’s instructions.

For getting God, you are running from temple to temple is ridiculous. God is within you, God is in your surroundings. God is in the Air. Even, God is within Emptiness. You have to use a perfect ladder. Your mind will have to ride on this ladder. Your mind will take you to God.

We also should work continuously like time, planets and equipment or body-organs inside our body. If earth stops moving, we all will die. Similarly, If any equipment( body-organ) fails, we will die. There are a lot of similarities in between the solar system and our body.

What will happen if we stop working? Our feelings will die. Then, our body will die. What will happen if we work continuously? We will get blessings from God and this is the primary need of our existence. As the Sun never asks why should it shine and rotate, we also should not ask why should we work. The planets rotate to maintain the solar system. Similarly, we should work to maintain the good works done by mankind, to save the mankind.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


Expectation is good when you expect something from yourself.

When you expect something from yourself, responsibility of yourself increases.

When you expect something from yourself, you become your competitor.

When you expect something from yourself, you start believing in yourself.

When you expect something from yourself and once it becomes fulfilled, you start expecting more from yourself. This increases your performance drastically.

When you expect something from yourself and if it does not become fulfilled, you should know that you want a better of yourself. Never suffer from depression in this case. Depression has a lot of negative energy to make your level down and to convert yourself into a lower category of you. This is the only one negative impact of expectation. In this case, I must suggest that when you expect something from yourself and it doesn’t become fulfilled, you make your level of expectation one step lower but never allow depression to do that. When you will make this, you will be able to fulfill your expectations easily. You will start believing in you and you will gain a lot of positive energy. Then, you again raise your level of expectation gradually.

Expectation is good if depression does not enter into this.

How to remove fear from Mathematics

Maximum students get fear of Mathematics. Students often say that they hate Mathematics.

Here are the eight ways how to remove fear from Mathematics:

1. Observe the kids: Parents should observe their kids and should know how the tutors/school – teachers teach a topic. Parents will be surprised when they will come to know that maximum teachers tell their students to remember the formulas and to apply it. Many teachers don’t explain how the formulas have been created.

2. Know the Origin of Formulas: Students should know the origin of all formulas. If they know the origin of all formulas, they can remember the formulas easily. When a student solves a problem like-convert Km/hr to m/sec, some teachers tell them to multiply the figure with 5/18 and tell them to remember. Teachers don’t explain why it is 5/18. Like this, there are numerous numbers of formulas students have to remember.

3. Stop feeding the students: If the student does mistake in a numerical problem, teachers tell them the final answer and in which step mistake is there. Teachers should not say the steps where the kids have done mistakes. Teachers should say whether it is right or wrong. Then tell the students to find out their mistakes by themselves. Even, parents also should follow this while teaching their kids.

4. Remove tension: With tension, no work can be performed successfully.

5. Practice much: There is no substitute for hard work. Students should practice as much as possible.

6. Encourage Kids: Parents should always encourage students so that their kids can perform well and one day they will be the best performer if they practice hard.

7. Joint Study: At least two students from the same class should do practice works together. When they study together, they get interest and understand easily.

8. Ask Why: Students should not feel shy. Students should ask whenever they can’t understand the formula. Know “why” before what.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

B. K. Shivani

B. K. Shivani is the most popular Motivational Speaker in India. She has explained the definition of God in a wonderful way in one of her Interviews. What I understood from that lecture is summarized here:

It is asked-“How can you define God?”

She replied – “He is the doctor who cures us. Similarly, He is the God who cures us.”

Then the question was-” But it is medicine who cures us. So, to whom you should worship and pray – Doctor or Medicine? ”

She replied-” If you don’t have faith to your Doctor, the medicine will not work. It is the Doctor who gives the right medicine. Similarly, if you don’t believe in God, your prayer will not work. God exists in our Soul. Divine soul is God. God has no particular shape. ”

Here is her Biography:

Original Name:

Shivani Verma

Date of Birth:

31.05.1972 in Pune.

Known as:

Brahma Kumari Shivani or B. K. Shivani or Sister Shivani


Electronics Engineer from Pune University in 1994.(A gold medalist)


Husband’s name- Vishal Verma (CEO of a Software Business).

Books Written:

Happiness Unlimited

Being Love

Some popular quotes by her:

We can save many Relations, if we understand a simple fact that people are not wrong. They are different.

When ‘i’ is replaced by ‘we’ even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.

Solve the problem or leave the problem. But don’t sleep with the problem.

Never hold your head high with pride and ego. Remember, even the winner of a gold medal gets the medal only when he puts his head down.

Stay blessed always! Talk good, see good, taste good, listen good. Have a great day!

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Convert your Anger-energy into Writing-energy

P.C : From Google

Living or nonliving , everything is a form of energy. When you are talking, you are spending some energy. The voice coming out of you is the result for spending your energy. When you are laughing, you are spending some energy which is giving you happiness. Every action is nothing but a result of spending energy. Whether you walk, do exercise, talk, laugh, cry, become angry, cook, read, write and so so, in every cases you are converting your energy from one form to another and that also you are doing unknowingly.

Out of all those actions, let us discuss about one most crucial action which consumes lot of energy. Can you guess what the action is ? This is nothing but anger,being violent. When you become angry, you become so violent. When you become violent, you destroy so many things. Let us analyse the things deeply. I personally believe- ” the Person who can destroy the powerful things, can create powerful things too”. Tremendous energy has been hidden within anger and violence. Can’t we convert this energy into a good form of energy ? We, all know Einstein’s Law of energy and according to that law energy is constant. So, if you can destroy the things you can create also. If you can become too much violent , you can become too much good also.

Let us utilise our energy for good purpose. Let us convert our energy into a good action. Let us convert our negative form of energy into a positive form. Have you seen lightning? It is horrible, right ? It has tremendous power. It is a natural form of energy. It has so much energy that it takes a life of a human being. Our anger is same as Lightning. Both are negative form of energy. Both have tremendous power. Transfering the negative form of energy of Lightning is not in our hands of general people. Let us focus on transferring the negative form of violence into a good form of energy.

I am not telling you to meditate. Telling someone to do meditation is a very easy job but for the general people who have their tight schedule, who are very busy in office and at home, doing meditation is not at all easy. For the beginners who never meditate and never do exercise, only do the office works and some necessary household works, I must suggest that convert your “anger energy” into “writing energy”. When you become too much angry with someone or at something, just throw your anger into your dairy with the help of pen.

Your anger is a form of dynamic energy. You must convert this negative dynamic energy into a positive dynamic energy. This means your pen must move at very high speed. Your anger energy has been converted into a dynamic-writing energy. Next, this dynamic-writing energy will try to make you cool slowly. This energy will travel inside you to spread peace in your mind. This is one cyclic process. When someone hurts you, you become violent. Negative energy has been developed within you as someone releases it on you. The person who releases it on you, become cool and get positive energy. The negative energy, you achieve due to someone ,can be released by writing action. While writing, the negative energy disappeared and being converted into a static form of energy which makes you cool.

The people who are being angry easily and being irritated, being violent must try once. For them, it is the first step to reduce anger. After doing this for few months, you may go for meditation.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !

Are you worried about your quality of writing?

Are you worried about your quality of writing? Have you written more than 100 articles? Some of them have become popular, some are of medium quality and rest are not up to your expectations. Is this happening with you? Is this making you demotivated? Here are the tips which will help you to remove such demotivation:

Don’t judge from other’s point of view:

Are you judging your articles? Or are you worried by receiving some readers’ views?
Everyone is unique. Everyone’s view is unique. Everyone’s situation and demand are different. How the readers feel after reading an article, depends on how much has he analyzed, how much can he relate? Never be upset if someone suggests you for your improvement instead consider this suggestion as your betterment. Increase the area of your expectations from yourself.


This is the time due to which our earth receives different amounts of light. Similarly, this is the time that plays an important role in the readers’ minds. No one is sitting idle. Everyone is busy and has their target for the day. Everyone is suffering from a crisis of the time. Maximum readers are writers. Persons who like to write, like to read as well for better writing. So maximum readers have their busy schedule. They read others’ articles within a very short time as they have huge numbers of followers. Hence, don’t allow their comments to hurt you.


It is a big factor. Everyone is running for the completion of the schedule. Reading and writing are not everything in life. There are so many things that change the mood. It may be family problems, office problems, the crisis of money, a health issue.


Our heart bit is constantly running ups and downs. All our fingers are not equal. If I draw a curve for marks achieved by your blogs, how can you expect it a straight line? While we have given examinations, have we got the marks 100% always? Don’t worry. Ups and downs will exist in every case.

Receiving capabilities:

The Sun radiates the same amount of lights daily. But our Earth does not receive the same amount daily due to various factors. Similarly, you as a writer deliver the same amount of effort daily but the readers can’t able to take the same amount daily.
Therefore, you as a writer are awesome to you. You are giving your 100% and this is more than enough. Never be sad thinking that you can’t write. Everyone starts from the zero levels and gradually reaches to some level.
Happy writing! Be happy and count your quality of writing.

15 Reasons why your kid should join Cuemath

Cuemath is a learning program of Mathematics from class kg to class seven(Offline, managed by online) and class eight to class ten (Completely online). Cuemath is such a program where your kids can clear the basic concepts of mathematics and gradually kids will start falling in love with Mathematics.

Here are the 15 reasons why your kids should enroll in Cuemath:

1. Quality of Worksheets: Worksheets are excellent. Worksheets that kids will solve at the beginning of any chapter are built up based on basic concepts. Gradually, worksheets become hard.2. School Syllabus: The school syllabus is fully covered. You may not find the exact title of all the chapters, but while solving the worksheets, you will come to know how tactfully all the chapters are covered.

3. The number of worksheets and Math box: There are many workbooks. The number of workbooks is equal to the number of chapters of the school syllabus. In each workbook, there are one-two modules. In each module, there are 12-16 numbers worksheets. Now, you can calculate the total number of worksheets. The number of worksheets is huge.

4. Math Gym: There are so many facilities like Math Gym by which your kids can enhance their speed of calculations.

5. Tab Facility: during one hour class your kids will solve the different types of puzzles by which aptitude skill will be enhanced.

6. Puzzle Cards: There is a total of 500 puzzle cards. During one hour of class, 5 minutes discussion is held regarding the puzzle card. It is given to kids for solving at home. This enhances the reasoning skill of kids.

7. Cuemath certified teacher: There will be 3 hours class per week which will be taken by Cuemath certified teachers. They will guide your kids.

8. Cue the answers: Cuemath is such an excellent math program where teachers guide you and show you the path, your kid should follow for solving the numerical. Many home tutors either solve the problems or telling your kids to check with the answers. If the answers don’t match, they don’t explain the steps.

9. Olympiad Prepack: your kids will get free online Olympiad pre-pack where few test papers are there for practices and few mock tests are there. It is completely online.

10. Real Investment: Many home tutors teach kids like school teachers. One day, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you may find that keeping a tutor for two-three years with high fees has become worthless as your kid can’t able to explain you the reason behind the procedure of the numerical. In Cuemath, after two years, if you cross-check the ability of your kid, you will find that he/she would have explained every step with a proper explanation for every numerical. So, if you spend on cuemath, your kid will gain a concept which is an investment for you as Mathematics is a life skill.

11. Fall in love with Mathematics: Kids will surely fall in love in Mathematics which you will come to know after six months from the date of first-class.

12. Batch size is small: In school even in some coaching classes, you will find 30-40 students in a class. So Teacher and student ratio is 30:1 whereas in Cuemath, the maximum ratio is 6:1.
13. Flexibility: If your kid is performing excellent and he belongs to class four, then Cuemath provides him worksheets for class five and making him advanced. Similarly, if he can’t perform well, Cuemath will provide worksheets for class three. So, this math program is very much flexible.

14. Highly focused: It is such a math program whose motto is to enhance the concept, aptitude skills, and reasoning skill. For achieving these parameters, it will help your kid as much as possible.

15. Availability: It is available in all cities, all areas. You may find cuemath teacher in your area only. So your kid has not to do the journey. You may get the cuemath center in walking distance. It is growing rapidly. Very soon, it will cover rural areas too. Moreover, cuemath gives importance to the students and therefore fix the time as per their availability.

A program is the best program when it ensures the following:

  1. Enriched content
  2. Learning outcome
  3. Flexibility in timing of the program depending on the students’ availability.

Buying the worksheets only will not give a good improvement to your kid. Similarly, keeping a home tutor will also not give a good improvement. When you provide both facilities-cuemath worksheets and cuemath certified teacher to your kid, the improvement will be much higher.

If you are interested for your kid, please click on the following link to get the center near your area :

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Power of Dreaming (Part 2)

Never keep alternatives of your goal in your dream. If you keep alternatives, the power of the dream gets reduced.

Never keep alternatives of your goal in your dream. If you keep alternatives, the power of the dream gets reduced. Universe thinks – ‘You have other options by which you will also be happy.Then the Universe will choose the easy path. Easy path will give you less success and that also temporarily.

If you have a strong goal, be strict to make it possible. Initialization will be difficult, but once you start the journey to fulfill your dream, Universe will be there with you to help, to guide and to reach the destination.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!


Dream a dream

Deep at a silent night,

Give a life to the dream

By visualizing it.

Spend some time with the dream.

A film should play inside your mind.

Dream is live,

You are the director.

Life is full of vibe,

You are the owner.

You live according to your style,

Make the dream big,

Life is short and versatile,

You have to dig

Your goal, then your dream

Will get a permanent life.


Daily we should visualize that the dream has been fulfilled. Then only your dream will be converted into the reality. Stay blessed!

Power of Dreaming

Always keep some time for dreaming. Set your goals and then dream that you have achieved your goals. Daily, you visualize it. One day, you have not to visualize it, you will see it in reality. Thus is the power of dreaming.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless

God is not responsible where input is same but output is not same

Two persons are seeing from same window of same room of same building. One person is seeing only the tree just in front of the building,whereas the second person is seeing the back, sides and top of the trees. Eyes are same for both persons. Standing positions are same for both persons. But the views are different. Weight, height and health status are also same for both the persons. Input is same, but output is not same. Why does it happen so?

If you give same inputs to two identical machines, will you get different outputs? No, you will get same output. But for human beings, it is not happening so. Human beings are living whereas machines are non-living things. Non living things can easily be controlled by owner of those things. Living things can not be controlled fully by their creator. As the creator has imposed humanity and feelings on human beings, the output received from same human beings are not same though their characteristics are same.

Actually their inner characteristics are not same. These are not visible. The second person’s thinking and imagination power are more than that of the first person. Second person’s desire is stronger than that of first person. Due to strong desire, second person achieves more thinking power. So don’t blame God. You are responsible for your low output. You are  responsible for your bad luck.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Are you out of words?

Are you really out of words? Is your mind out of words? So you want to say that your mind is empty. I don’t believe so. If a kid tells that she/he wants to play with the wind and there is no wind, how can he/she play? Maybe there is no wind, but of course, there is air. Problem is that when the wind blows, he/she gets comfort to play but when air is there he/she can’t draw attention for his/her comfort as air is in static condition.

Do you think that the pipeline does not contain water when you don’t turn on the tap? If you turn on the tap, you get water. Similarly, your mind is full of wordsBut there is no flow. You have to give pressure in your mind and this means that you have to think and arrange the words accordingly. If you don’t think, your words played in your mind don’t get movement and remain in static mode. This is the reason you don’t get the output as you don’t get water when you don’t turn on the tap.

Words already exist in your mind. You just concentrate on those words which are in static mode and impose a force on your words so that words can flow. Still, if you don’t find the words, you focus on your eyes. Your eyes will help you if you become hungry for words.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

Morning habits -Stay POSITIVE

P Prayer

O Oxygen intake through deep
S – Maintain Silence

I Intake of Water
TTalk with yourself positively.

IImagine that everything moves according to your instruction as you want.
V Visualization ( Visualize that your dream has fulfilled).

E Exercise

If we can maintain these 8 habits, we will be positive-minded and we will be able to work efficiently for the entire day. 

The people who can’t do meditation, for them I can suggest these 8 habits. The first three habits together are the alternative form of Meditation. The people who can do meditation for them the first three habits will be replaced by ‘M’ ( ‘M’ for Meditation). 

By doing these things, you will feel energetic and happy. This entire process will take only 30-40 minutes. Dedicate this time for morning habits and at the end of the day, after completing all the works, you will feel that the time given by almighty is enough for you.

Mind – A powerful Instrument

Mind is a powerful instrument possessed by everyone. But maximum people don’t want to know how to use it.

If you buy a Harmonium/ a Guitar and you use it without knowing how to use it, the music you will hear will become unbearable. People will not listen this music. If you ring these instruments after taking a training from a specialist, you will get a sweet music and people will come to you for listening this.

Similarly, if you don’t maintain proper use of your mind, people will move away from you. If you use your mind in a right, positive direction, people will be attracted to you for the sweet music heard from you.

We, all the people have different types of minds which have capabilities to spread different types of music. If we can’t use it properly, we should take the training from a specialist in spirituality.

Mind is such a powerful instrument by which you can give punishment to your enemies and can spread love to your friends. From a musical instrument, we get different types of music- melodious, romantic, spiritual, etc. Similarly, from our mind we can get different types of powers – positive, spiritual, negative, etc. How do you use the strings of mind decides the type of power you will achieve.

The Child within You

Image result for free image download for a child and soul
Don’t allow her/him to sleep being dis-satisfied. Always talk to her/him.

The child within you is calling you. Are you listening? Are you giving your attention to this precious child?

Life is complex because life is not running according to your way. When a child does not obey his/her parents, how do the parents feel? Parents feel difficult to handle the child and think that the child is not obedient.

There is a child within every one of us and if you never talk to this child, how will you come to know what the child wants? Your child wants something and you are not listening to him/her. You are not listening to your child. Then, the child becomes unhappy and you feel that your life is full of complexity.

Talk to your child who is hidden within you. Talk positively, use positive words while talking to this child. If you don’t talk, the child will sleep taking a lot of dis-satisfactions and nothing will happen according to your way. Then you will feel frustrated. Imagine that the smallest, youngest child is hidden inside your body. Nourish this child. This child is honest and truthful. This child has a direct conversation with God. This child is the messenger between you and God. This child will help you to make life beautiful.

Daily talk to this child at least for 5-10 minutes. You can stand near the mirror and can imagine your childhood image. Then concentrate on the child within you and start the conversation with this child. This child will reveal the truth, the secret behind the Happy Life. You will feel wonderful because this child has a connection with the Soul.

10 facts how negative minded people are different from the positive minded people

Are they Selfish? Do they know how to thank God for each and everything they have got in life? Do they know how to use the problem as the first step of the solution?

I think that some people don’t know all these things. They are no one but negative-minded people.

One of my relatives is extremely negative-minded. When he/she comes to our house, a sadness appears all around but it never could bring an impact on me.

I have tried a lot to bring him/her in the positive world. But I failed. Then I found the differences between the positive-minded people and negative minded people.

Here are those differences:

1. Negative-minded people don’t love themselves. Positive-minded people love themselves.

2. Negative-minded people don’t love truly to God. Positive-minded people love truly to God.

3. Whatever the negative-minded people get, they never become satisfied. Positive-minded people get satisfied and try to get more to fulfill their dream.

4. Negative-minded people suffer from the jealous of the other family members who show their happiness. Positive-minded people never suffer from this disease.

5. Negative-minded people expect bad things to their happy family members. Positive-minded people expect the good for all.

6. Negative-minded people cry and remain sad all the time as they love it. Positive-minded people cry as they get strength from it.

7. Negative-minded people throw questions to God-“Why all the bad things are happening with me, God”? Positive-minded people said to God-“I will prove it that I am capable of doing it and I must do it. “

8. Negative-minded people love to blame others even to God silently. Positive-minded people love to take responsibility.

9. Negative-minded people search for problems so deeply that they don’t find the solutions easily. Positive-minded people remain busy in giving solutions and then their solutions always become ready to appear as and when required.

10. Negative-minded people find problems within the solutions. Positive-minded people find solutions within the problems.

So, we can conclude that negative-minded people see clouds and get fear of bad weather. The positive-minded people see the sunlight hidden within the clouds and thus get strength in all around.

Avoid silence Communication between your mind and the Universe

Image result for free image download for MIND
spontaneous mind

Our minds always think and whisper. Our minds remain busy. Our minds plan and draw things in their ways. As an infant of 4-6 months old plays, plans and executes in his/her way; our minds do the same thing.

Image result for free image download for MIND
Spreading messages to the Universe silently

Sometimes, the infant requires us to divert his/her mind or to lead the mind in this reality. Similarly, our minds require us to execute minds’ plans properly. If we don’t interfere, our minds will have silence conversations with the Universe. Whatever messages our minds will create will be sent to the Universe and the Universe will execute them accordingly.

Image result for free image download for MIND
Messages sent without your concern return from Universe after you scold the mind

If our minds think negatively and plan negatively, we should increase our voices within our minds. We should scold our minds loudly in a cool and calm place where we will feel comfortable in doing so. Our minds are infants who don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Our minds know that they have to think continuously without any break. We are the guardians of these infants.

Don’t allow silence and hidden conversations between your mind and the Universe. You should act as media. You should be alert so that no messages should be transmitted by your mind to the Universe without your concern.

প্রাকৃতিক আমি

Myself on the Tree

সূর্য যখন ঢেকে মেঘেদের মাঝে ,

আমি তখন রাস্তায় লোকারণ্যে। 

আকাশে যখন মেঘগুলো ভাসে ,

আমার মনে তখন নানানরকম চিন্তা আসে। 

মেঘেদের যেমন যাওয়া আসা তবু ও বৃষ্টির নেই দেখা ,

ঠিক তেমনি আমিও শুধুই হাঁটতে থাকি,গন্তব্যস্থলে পৌঁছায় না  ।।

কখনো যখন গাছের পাতাগুলো স্থির,আর বাতাস গম্ভীর ,

আমি তখন মনকে মানিয়ে রুটিন টা করি মনঃস্থির। 

পরক্ষনেই যখন সূর্যের তেজে সব কিছু উত্তপ্ত ,

আমি তখন রান্নাঘরে রান্না-বান্না তে খুব ব্যস্ত। 

বিকেলের স্নিগদ্ধতায় সব কিছু নিমজ্জিত শীতল বাতাসে , 

আমি তখন বদ্ধ ঘরে বসে ,জানালার দিকে তাকিয়ে।।

প্রকৃতি যেমন মেঘ ,চাঁদ ,সূর্য এর যাওয়া আসা ঠিক করে ,

প্রকৃতি ঠিক তেমনি আমার জীবন-রুটিনটাও তৈরি করে। 

A night

A night when someone feels lonely,

I feel crowdy as lots of words knock on the door of my mind.

A night when some people sleep,

I feel to stay awake to dream.

A night when darkness reaches at its peak,

My words get highest speed.

A night when a flower blossoms,

My words build stories.

A night when a baby cries,

The form of a book is taken by my stories.

A night when a fruit takes birth from a flower,

Thanking God, I take a bath in the blessing’s shower.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless! Wish you and your family members a very happy new year. Happy 2020!!