A day without a Mobile

It was yesterday, my all time partner was not with me. I was feeling loneliness because I lost all connections with my world. My all time partner had been hospitalized due to its severe problems.

It was my Smart Phone. Automatically, it was being switched off, though there was more than 60% charge. So, I decided to consult with a specialist. There was problem in its batteries. It took one day to replace the battery.

I couldn’t able to talk with anyone. I couldn’t able to open Whatsapp. I couldn’t able to open my Gmail. I couldn’t able to open the WordPress. I couldn’t able to write a post.

It was a horrible experience. I was desiring that the day should pass very soon.

Suddenly, I remembered my childhood when no smart phone has been used. I was in the school, my mother was at home. Then, how was my mother’s day? Then, I realized that we worry for our kids easily but our parents didn’t. Inner feelings of our parents and us are same. Difference is that we imagine the negative things very easily but our parents didn’t have time to do that. This has been happening because of existence of the mobile phone.

Thinking all these, I made myself cool. The next day I got the mobile. I felt relaxed.

Puja Vacation

I had gone to my native place on 2nd October. It was festival time. It was time for Durgapuja. I returned to Kolkata today.

Wonderful experience, I have. I was with my parents, sisters and brother in laws in those days. I have visited the Durgapujas of the district town.

Here are some glimpse of those:

Here are some pictures of some entertainments:

Here are some pictures of an awesome experience:

The man earns money by showing the snakes came to our house. Our kids became so excited for this. I had seen these things during my childhood but my kid has never seen. This was a wonderful experience for my kid.

Wish you all ” Shubho Bijoya”!!

Festive mood

On the way
Today is mahapanchomi

October, month of grand festival.

Time for goddess Durga’s arrival.

Time for moving to native place,

Time for roaming in village.

Time for taking bath within greens,

Time for talking with natures,

And a get together with relatives.

Wish you all a very happy Durgapuja!

May Devi Durga bless you all !

Kids are very much Sensitive

Kids are amazing. We sometimes can’t give answers of their questions. They are too sensitive. She is just 6 years old. She cried a lot today just because her mother cooked fish today.

We both were taking lunch and all of a sudden, she beat me. I shouted. She told me – “How much pain you are feeling?” I replied – “Yes, I am not feeling good, but why did you beat me?” She told – “Can’t you understand the pain tolerated by the Fish?” I replied – ” But system is like this, if we don’t eat Fish, we will not get Protein enough and we are eating rice which comes from trees. Trees also have life”

I tried a lot to convince her but everything were in vain. When I became silent, she started crying. Some rice she already ate before crying and she vomited that rice because of crying. I became helpless. I promised her – “Okay , I will not cook fish anymore.” But I know – I can’t keep this promise. Only for controlling the situation, I told a lie.

Here, I taught her how to tell a lie. Here I became silent when she was arguing. But she was not wrong. My explanation was also not wrong. Ultimately I replied her – “God will make you understood, wait for 3-4 years more”.

Was my answer okay? In this situation, what will be your answer?

Here photo is of my daughter.

Random Thought

Sometimes I feel nice when I am not writing and only reading and commenting other’s blogs. It is really a wonderful feeling. I can read, like and comment other’s articles from my smartphone only even when I am travelling, but it is difficult to write a good designed blog from my smart phone. So I am enjoying other’s blogs.

Thank you for reading! Hope, you all had a happy Christmas… Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.