God-crores of Galaxies: Thought 2

God is looking after crores of Galaxies. We are like the size of viruses or cells to God. “If we are smaller than viruses in size, how does God observe us and look after us? It is impossible.”

If it is impossible how an outdoor doctor can say the physical state of a human being with the help of some instruments which are made by them only? It is because he has knowledge. We, the general people can’t say this because we don’t have much knowledge in this regard. Exactly it is like this.

Though we are invisible cells to God, God can visualize the status of each cell. God has infinite wisdom /knowledge to look after us though our size is smaller than our cells in front of God.

God also uses a powerful instrument and have given this instrument to us also. Name of this instrument is Mind through which we can connect to our Soul, our God. Maximum of us can’t able to connect ourselves with God due to improper use of power of mind and insufficient knowledge.

After discovering this thought, I feel energetic. I feel that my mind has an immense power through which I can make conversations with God. Simultaneously, my mind has a responsibility to spread the message “All is Well” to this beautiful earth. If everyone of us can spread this message, I am sure that a lot of good things will happen on this Earth, for this Earth. Everything will be fine, peaceful.

God – crores of galaxies

Sometimes, I feel that God means crores of galaxies and we, the living animals are the cells of God. Many cells together make an organ. Similarly, many human beings together make a planet which is an organ of God.

In human body, daily some cells are dying and new cells are growing. This incident doesn’t have any effect on us. Even, we can’t feel these. Exactly this is happening with God also.

When one organ gets injured, we feel pain. Similarly, if a planet is being destroyed, God feels pain. But when two/ three people die, God can’t feel pain.

When this thought flashed in my mind, I felt too sad. I was trying to bring another new thought which can fight against this thought.

Yes, ultimately I discovered another thought which can defeat my previous thought and for which I feel relaxed, energetic.

I will publish this new thought shortly.

Oh God

Oh God, where are you ?

I am searching for you here and there.

Oh God,there is a long queue

of so many people’s prayer.

Oh God,how do you manage ?

I feel someone is loaded

and put on your shoulder- a big luggage

which you carried,

everytime and every moment.

how funny people are !

they give you ornament,

when you are the owner

of this universe ,which makes me surprised.

I can feel your silence makes me astonished.

I can feel your pain

given by the Men and women

I can feel you now and then.

How will you be sure that your prayer is reaching to the Lord?

Some countries believe that Jesus is God, some countries believe that Lord Shiva is God and so on. Imagine the existence of crores of Galaxies. We all know that there is only one God. God exists in the midst of all crores of Galaxies.

God is watching crores of Galaxies which looks like a dot to God. Within that dot all planets are moving across the sun. There are so many stars, planets and satellites within that dot. Out of those, name of one planet is earth. Within earth, there are so many countries. Out of those, name of one country is India. Within India, there are approximately 133 crores of people. Out of those, I am one. I am praying to lord. I am doing so many worships, doing fasting. How I will be sure that my prayer has capabilities to create some waves which can travel at higher speed than light, which can puncture the boundary layer of Earth, boundary layer of our Galaxy, boundary layer of all Galaxies and then it will reach to lord?

Here are the ways you can be sure about this :-

1. Meditation

2. Strong Will Power

3. High level of goodness within you and Excellent Work for this Universe.

Thank you for reading! Stay Blessed!