Are you worried about your quality of writing?

Are you worried about your quality of writing? Have you written more than 100 articles? Some of them have become popular, some are of medium quality and rest are not up to your expectations. Is this happening with you? Is this making you demotivated? Here are the tips which will help you to remove such demotivation:

Don’t judge from other’s point of view:

Are you judging your articles? Or are you worried by receiving some readers’ views?
Everyone is unique. Everyone’s view is unique. Everyone’s situation and demand are different. How the readers feel after reading an article, depends on how much has he analyzed, how much can he relate? Never be upset if someone suggests you for your improvement instead consider this suggestion as your betterment. Increase the area of your expectations from yourself.


This is the time due to which our earth receives different amounts of light. Similarly, this is the time that plays an important role in the readers’ minds. No one is sitting idle. Everyone is busy and has their target for the day. Everyone is suffering from a crisis of the time. Maximum readers are writers. Persons who like to write, like to read as well for better writing. So maximum readers have their busy schedule. They read others’ articles within a very short time as they have huge numbers of followers. Hence, don’t allow their comments to hurt you.


It is a big factor. Everyone is running for the completion of the schedule. Reading and writing are not everything in life. There are so many things that change the mood. It may be family problems, office problems, the crisis of money, a health issue.


Our heart bit is constantly running ups and downs. All our fingers are not equal. If I draw a curve for marks achieved by your blogs, how can you expect it a straight line? While we have given examinations, have we got the marks 100% always? Don’t worry. Ups and downs will exist in every case.

Receiving capabilities:

The Sun radiates the same amount of lights daily. But our Earth does not receive the same amount daily due to various factors. Similarly, you as a writer deliver the same amount of effort daily but the readers can’t able to take the same amount daily.
Therefore, you as a writer are awesome to you. You are giving your 100% and this is more than enough. Never be sad thinking that you can’t write. Everyone starts from the zero levels and gradually reaches to some level.
Happy writing! Be happy and count your quality of writing.